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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 6, 2014 7:00am-10:01am EST

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>> coming up, we will discuss the ramifications of republicans having control of both house and senate. next.ngton journal" is >> the american people sent a message, one that they have sent for several elections now. they expect the people they elect to work as hard as they do. they expect us to focus on their ambitions and not ours. they want us to get the job done. >> i would like to remind people that divided government is not unusual in this country. we've had it frequently, i think, more often than not since world war ii. people choosing a divided government, it's not that they don't want us to do
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anything. it's that they want us to look for agreement. the senate republican leader and the president reflecting on the midterm elections. today, we hear from the speaker of the house, john boehner. the news conference will be covered live here on c-span. is nowrning, the senate set for a lame-duck session this month. republicans look at what went right on election day and democrats question what went wrong. we will be following your comments on the midterm elections, what it means for you, the congress, and the president. what was the message to washington? the numbers are on the screen. as always, we are taking your
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comments on social media, and you can join us on facebook. or send us a tweet. or you can send us an e-mail. the front pageh of the louisville courier-journal. as mitch mcconnell is the next -- is poised to be the next senate majority leader. late yesterday, she issued this statement to members of congress. she said in part, "our won a hard-fought campaigns supported by an committed to their constituents and strengthened by the tenacious leadership of israel. unfortunately we lost some valued members of the house, but we must continue to fight for the middle-income families who are the backbone of our democracy. there is important to do to jumpstart the class, which we'll put can do with bipartisanship and fairness."
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that statement yesterday from the former speaker of the house, democrat nancy pelosi. cowritten by john boehner, the speaker of the house, and mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the wall street journal --
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we will get to your comments in just a moment. here is more from senate republican leader mitch mcconnell as he talks about what changes institutionally he expects to see in the senate in january. but another thing -- >> another thing that is not astonishing to all of you that the committees need to be relevant again. you have by partisans a bipartisanve constituency for moving forward. having said that, there are differences. we will certainly be voting on things as well that we think the administration is not fond of. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and the front times -- e what message did washington get from the election? anne isining us --
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joining us. caller: now it is up to the republicans. last time, they didn't do anything. the reason they won is because of gerrymandering, he been here in tennessee. even herehe polls -- in tennessee. a lot of the polls are closed that were supposed to be open. polls in areas that were supposed to be open for people to go, they wasn't open. that needs to be looked into, too. in northnk is carolina. -- francis in north carolina. caller: good morning. the reason i'm calling as i want to express my opinion on the election. hopefully, it will convey a message to the president that we don't like his policies. i have nothing against him.
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i think he is a wonderful man. he is a wonderful husband and a wonderful father, but i don't like his policies. and i'm hoping that he gets the we are tired of harry reid blocking all of the legislation and won't let any amendments go through. harry reid is not a king as far as i know. we don't collect keying in this government. king in this government. i hope he gets the message and not only he, but his party, begin to work with the other party and get things done. host: francis, thanks for the call. one of our viewers is saying when you get tear of taxation. i do not use as much resources as walmart and shell. let me go back to this story about speaker boehner and mitch
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mcconnell. they have something they want to focus on. next, joining us from tyler texas, democrat line, good
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morning. caller: good morning. i'm calling, because living in texas, there were big lies told about jobs in this state. i live in the city where we lost most of our big companies. they are gone. i believe that i thought would never have left ear. but 40 years of republican governors, a lot of things have happened to texas. a lot of people don't know unless you live in the state and know what is going on. democrats, they do not rally around our president. he is doing a good job. we need to take a look at our own selves in america about race. it's funny how when people go to war and we send out our men and women, when they get over there in the middle east fighting isis thoseaeda, whoever,
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countries don't see colors. we are the only country that still sees color. we are the united states of america. we are americans. when they kill our young men and women, they are killing americans. i want to see what the congress and the house is going to do now. host: thanks for the call. politico is reporting this money on what this means for democrats. and the title is "the democrats lost generation." the party is depleted of not just his major league talent, prospects.cruiting
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it is a setback that will require more than one election cycle to repair. there will be difficulty producing new stars in states like kentucky. democrats hope to have new heavyweight in blue democratic states like maryland governor anthony brown who lost, and in maine with governor mike michaud. cat is joining us from rhode island, independent line. what is your message to washington? caller: the message to democrats is they have abandoned their base. the base leans left. the democratic leaders have been moving to the right. they are totally spineless. i left the democratic party in september, 2011 because democrats will not fight for us. the republican leadership
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definitely fights for the base. but the democratic leadership ran away from any of their competence, they ran away from their base. why a the the -- why should a base go along with leaders that abandon them? host: thank you for the call. the heads of the house and senate campaign committee, including senator jerry moran of kansas talk about the more immediate issue before lawmakers in the lame-duck session. here is what he had to say. >> i think it is important we do the things that are necessary to govern a country in the lame-duck session. at the issues that are not required to be determined now, not required to be determined in the lame-duck session should be considered by new members of congress, the ones that the voters just elected. i think you will see us doing things that are necessary to operate the government, certainly the appropriations bill is one that would be front
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and center. and i cannot imagine the republicans would not be supportive of providing the necessary money, for example, to combat evil in west africa as well as the united states. potential nomination for attorney general, if the president decides to put that forth in his majority before the new congress? >> this seems irrelevant to me. when the rules were changed, republicans don't have much to say about the confirmation of executive officers when only 51 votes are required. host: that from senator jerry moran yesterday. by the way, all of these events are available on our website at we welcome our listeners on c-span radio. the question we are asking as you look at the election results, what is the message to washington?
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one comment says republican dictionary pro-business equals anti-worker. there's an interesting map, for example, in northern virginia, a democrats did well, but also republicans did well. and ed gillespie narrowly lost the election to senator mark warner, although that race will not be officially certified for another two weeks. and inside the washington post from yesterday's news conference, the president in the east room. obama looks to the last two years of presidency with resolve. president wayne is joining us from
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shreveport, louisiana, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. this election is about stopping obama. we don't want to deal with obama. we want to stop him. we are living in tearing me already. this campaign was about stopping obama. republicans don't want to deal with them. i don't want to do with him. and this country don't want to deal with him. obama is destroying america. deal with reality. you still going to be president for the next two years. how should republicans deal with that? caller: we're going to have to -- the senate is going to have to stop him somewhere along the lines. ted cruz said he will do something.
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and all of his other garbage about climate change. he wants to sell all of our energy. this man is a man that -- a madman. if american people can see that commodity was wrong with them goes up we are living under an occupational government. we know that, this country is being occupied by communist. republicans were elected to stop obama. they don't want to deal with him. from louisiana, thanks for the call. peggy has this on the twitter page. conflictns into something, like lowering corporate tax rates. but they will blow up any chance of they go too far with the affordable care act. and this morning on the wall -- obamaurnal, boehner and mcconnell pledged to work together, but it's is they won't give up on key policy goals. posed to the was
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quest does to the president yesterday -- [video clip] >> i would enjoy having some bourbon with senator mcconnell. i don't know what his providence preferences. to this point, he's never made a promise that he couldn't deliver. process the legislative well. the obvious he knows his caucus well. he's always given me realistic assessments of what he and get -- what he can get through his caucus and what he cannot. i think we can have a productive relationship. host: that is the president yesterday in the east room. upperis joining us from marlboro, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. in yourite a surprise governor's race in your state.
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caller: it was a surprise, and the reason it was is electric did not go out to vote that particular day. regardless of your race, black, brown, or white, if you --e a party that that is not going to participate, that is what will happen. if you go back to 2008, and you forward,rself [indiscernible] the economy is much better than it was. as we said before, this country and for someward reason the american electorate sat on their butts for the selection. just over one third vote in this
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election. i understand. i'm a g.i., and you have to let the folks do what they do, but the republican party has to do their part. two thirds of elected -- of eligible voters stayed home. the president is back at the white house today as he issues a medal of honor ceremony. we will have live coverage of that event. served atsomeone who gettysburg. and then off to australia next week. back in washington the following monday. caller on the democrats line, good morning. caller: good morning. the independent
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who voted republican. did they pay attention to the numbers, or was it just because of ebola? what was the reason for them to vote republican? host: how do you answer your own question? basically, i think it is a racial issue. you know, they don't like a black president of the house. they focus on too much bad news, focusing on ebola, focusing on isis, forgetting about how bush attacked iraq and gave wrong
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.nformation that is my opinion. host: thanks very much for the call. on our facebook page, marjorie has this point. she says "red states voted red, no surprise. whoe -- they were few stayed up late in the midterms. 2016 will have more blue state of play and a presidential election to decide. things will change, for better or worse, remains to be seen. this election was not a message to washington. it was a message to the apathetic voters who decided to sit this one out. shame on them." ,ary on the republican line good morning. morning.ood a couple of things i would like to hit on, first, since president obama just report -- released those guys from guantánamo because he is running out of drone targets. the other thing is immigration.
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we've got an immigration problem. and that is that of funding -- of plannedng , the birthright citizenship, and nafta. that is just what i see. i mean, defunding land yearshood -- i worked 15 with health workers and the first thing they said they wanted was birth control. margaret writes about what is ahead for congress. she writes about a couple of issues. throughks extended 2015. the irs has warned that failure to act by december could cause a delay in the opening of the filing season for some
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taxpayers. if congress does wait until next year, could make filing more difficult and republicans could face political fallout. she also writes about the keystone xl pipeline from canada through the u.s. to my divisive throughthe u.s. -- the u.s., a divisive issue in the u.s. a decision was delayed until after the election, and yesterday the president was asked about it again. [video clip] >> there is an independent process. it's moving forward, and i will let the process play out. i've given some parameters in terms of how i think about it. ultimately, is this going to be good for the american people? is it going to be good for their pocketbook? is it actually going to create jobs and reduce gas prices that have been coming down? and is it going to be, on net, something that will reduce climate change? that is something we have to
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grapple with. there is a pending case before a nebraska judge about siding. the process is moving forward. i will note that while this debate about an 80 and oil has been raging -- keep in mind, this is canadian oil, not u.s. oil. while that debate has been some of thee seen biggest increases in american oil production and natural gas production in our history. host: the president on the keystone xl pipeline yesterday at the news conference. and he also said "i hear you," that is the headline on the front page of the washington post. the new class of 2014, all republican seat -- senators won except for kerry peters. ani ernst in iowa winning by point.
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tom cotton in arkansas winning by 17 points. cory gardner in colorado winning by three points. thom tillis winning by two points. steve daines in montana, winning by 18 points. joining us from attleboro, massachusetts, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. there are a couple of things i have. number one, how come the person that is running have a record, and get a person that goes off to vote that had a record and cleaned it cannot vote? number two, this whole thing in the next two years is the fact that we are smarter than you think, republicans. and democrats that went against the system. now thatll you right we are waiting for you to do something. you turned around and said that the time that you got in there up until now that you were going
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to do this. you are waiting to build this for the selection so that you could get your guys in there. well, you got your guys in there. you are going to be a do-nothing, go nothing congress again? you are going to do nothing for us, the american people? well, we will fix you when it comes 2016. we will vote your butts out and you won't stay in and you will show your true colors, because your true colors are going to come right through. you are not for the people. host: did you vote in the midterm elections? no, i didn't. i got busy. i'm crippled. but i will tell you right now, i'm so angry at the way things went, because nobody -- they say it is a obama's deal. no way. didybody sat up there and nothing and watch it happen because they said they were going to. god help you all. .ost: a quick question
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why did martha coakley lose in the governor's race? caller: well, i think the koch brothers came out and helped back it. plus, you also have the paper, the boston globe. committed crimes. money. and she's investigating him still. the woman is clean as far as i know. she did everything possible to help the american people. host: i'm going to move on. i appreciate your analysis. this is from laura, who talked about another surprise state, a blue state, maryland, where the lieutenant governor lost in his bid to succeed martin o'malley. laura says, anthony brown ran a terrible campaign and o'malley
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impose too many new taxes and fees. that's what happened in maryland. and this from the washington times -- here are a couple of quotes from her piece. have one races across the nation this week, they lost but a few. randy is joining us from millington, michigan. is election results, what the message to washington? caller: good morning. i would like to start by thanking you and all the folks behind the scenes for bringing up the -- bringing us this great program. it.: we appreciate
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thank you. caller: you're welcome. this is an interesting election. i don't know what the messages. you have people voting in medical marijuana and then turning around and it letting republican representatives. you have red states raising minimum wage when they have the know, to vote on it, you democratic ideas. what i was on the school board i thesomebody asked me once first time president obama was to our, they came over little group and asked me directly, i bet you voted for that obama, did new? i turned and said, i will tie you one thing, i've never voted for a loser. because once they are elected, they are our leader. we've all got to take a breath. let's calm down. have a good one. host: randy, thanks for the call. post, a washington
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picture of what the current and future congress will look like and the gains by republicans in both the senate and the house. three races are still to be decided. up 190 ninell make democrats. there are two vacancies, but that will change in the next congress with democrats losing seats. 180 democrats at the moment. 12 races yet to be decided. and 243 republicans in a house that has 435 seats. one race to be decided is louisiana, with a runoff in early december. than the national journal writes about it.
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theidy has led many of pre-primary polls. unlike other races were competing out guide -- outside hope to compete, senator landrieu will be going about this without some of her parties biggest allies. several women's health focus groups known for their fundraising ability said they will not be coming to her aid in november or in december even if the senate majority is at stake. let's go to charlestown, rhode island on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. give me a couple of minutes. host: sure.
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caller: i would like a behavioral expert come on and analyze the behavior of president obama yesterday. the attitude he has, the arrogance is really unbelievable. to make a statement, welcome i still represent the two thirds madedidn't vote, he never that statement when a lot of republicans sat home because of mitt romney. you didn't see mitt romney make those kinds of statements. this guy still -- really has problems. two other things. i am a conservative. i'm glad that brown lost in new hampshire. probably would have held his seat in massachusetts, but as soon as he got to washington, he cycled up to schumer from new york and voting 50% for the republican said 50% for the democrats. i'm glad he got beat. here's the one thing that mcconnell should do.
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mcconnell should get in here and start working with the democrats, because i believe there are a lot of democrats in that senate that do not like what the president has been doing to this country. i totally believe that what he's got to do is capture him. i always thought he should put his arm around jim webb, that senator -- i forgot his name now. the one term senator that be george island. caller: he has a lot of character. mcgonagle -- mcconnell should have put his arm around that guy. in there and get some democrats on his side, because i believe there are a lot of them that had to hold their nose, and there should be more coverage. it wasn't the republicans. it was the democrats to protect obama. host: make you for the call. a couple of calls from rhode island this morning. the new york times in its offer
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to republicans, the editorial says taking stock of what the elections mean. and one is suggesting that it wasn't enough. there were demands that the president take are still responsible before democratic losses. the full text of the president news conference and video available at let's go to steve from gettysburg, maryland, independent line. i'm hoping that conservatives will govern where they were in opposition before and we can have a lot of concern about paranoia and a coup. wonaryland, we barely
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and returns a democrat. politico, just was onrs ago, the gop the floor. it goes in cycles. host: thanks for the call. moreour twitter page, gridlock in congress. nothing is going to get done. two thirds of the people didn't vote. today honoring alonzo cushing, a union soldier killed at gettysburg to be honored today. we will have live coverage of that ceremony getting underway at 11:40 a.m. eastern time. also, speaker john boehner, his
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ont election appearance capitol hill. that gets underway at 1:15 p.m. eastern time. and a series of analyses and panels on the election. the american enterprise institute will host and he gets underway at noon eastern on c-span3. homer is joining us for louisiana. the election results, what does it mean for washington? caller: they really need term limits. the same thing that can make you happy can make you cry. 2016 is coming. host: let's go to ron, stillwater, oklahoma, republican line. are you with us the echo caller: -- are you with us? theer: i'm happy with results of the election. i'm currently reading a book that seems to parallel the democratic philosophy, or at
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least some of the democratic philosophy. it's called "the naked communist ," and it was written in 1959 by a former fbi agent. information inh it that parallels directly with some of the democratic philosophy that you see happening right now within our country. the call.ks for the president made reference to this yesterday and julie davis at the "new york times" is writing about it. obama is requesting $6 billion for ebola. and this will be part of the agenda for the lame-duck session later this month. let's go back to yesterday's news conference. one of the points made from the
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person who headed up the republican house campaign committee is getting a lot of attention on what the midterm election results mean for public and moving forward. [video clip] >> the republican party is back. we are back with youth, with diversity, with women. we've got a long way to go, but we've made gave -- great gains. if you look at the house races, we were per, numbly in blue territory. these were blue districts that we were competing in and we won. we won because we had good candidates nominated. we work for them closely. barack obama's agenda was on the ballot. there was a referendum. it's historic in nature. we are back to a majority that is as big as any seen in our lifetime. host: the comments of congressman greg walden, who headed up the congressional campaign committee also and some headlines from the observer in north carolina.
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the economy and obama fueled tillis win. star,om the kansas city "missouri's same-sex marriage ban fails." "d this one in the register joni ernst, i'm ready to get to work." she joins the growing ranks of more than 100 members -- female members of congress come a record number. john is joining us from new hampshire. caller: good morning. anpan does an election -- excellent job covering the elections. new iphone.ith the host: i'm glad you are listening. caller: without question. toistened until i got home turn it on. it was great.
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host: if you're not listening to that on c-span radio, washington journal, i hope you start. caller: yes, i will start doing that on my ipad. a couple of quick comments. i believe the democrats as a whole ran away from their successes. they did not have a unified message. they rejected voters questions. they want to know what they stand for. but the republicans did the same. thea doesn't control economy in its entirety. he doesn't control the outcome of everything in this country. republicans, with their
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filibusters, and blaming harry the lack just believe of voter knowledge is significant in this country. the mail-in ballots that they did in colorado with idea. -- inuldn't let that colorado was an excellent idea. we should implement that nationwide. my son was able to get some good information and make some logical votes. he works full-time and goes to school. i just thought it was phenomenal. you guys did a great job. host: who is your congressman? caller: it is carol shea-porter. to ask you about that. you had framed into in and then carol shea-porter. and you have this three-piece,
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this rematch between these members of congress. it is frustrating, without question. . work in the town i live in i work with a lot of the small town offices. it is just back and forth. the economy has not reached down to the level of these communities. and these people, again, are going to vote their pocketbooks. ultimately come that is why i believe it is going back and forth. host: i will leave it there. a call from -- one of our viewers from new hampshire is ifing it remains to be seen the gop can resolve the gridlock within its own members. the headline from the beenington times," as carson launches a tv campaign.
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let's go to john next in crestview, florida, our line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i want to make three quick points. the first one is, the president won the last two presidential elections. and nobody wanted to work with him. he didn't have a mandate, according to the republicans. the other thing i would like to
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that, on the other side they always demonize our representative. they demonized nancy pelosi. and they demonized our leader in the senate. and we did not demonize boehner or mcconnell. like to thing i would say is, speaker boehner said they would not shut down the government, and they did. representatives represent people also, the same way they did when we had the majority. all i want to say is, remember that when you have the majority. host: john, why did charlie crist lose? he lost for a couple of reasons, one, his late start because he did not have the funding to get on tv. they demonizeds,
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him also for putting his arm around barack obama. host: he ran as a democrat now. caller: absolutely, he did. but when they demonized him in the beginning, he was running from behind and had to catch up and i don't think he had enough opportunity to catch up. host: let me ask you about that first debate because it got a lot of attention, certainly a youtube moment when he was on the stage and governor rick was all-- rick scott over the portable fan that he brought. did that matter or did you move on? caller: my personal opinion is that it doesn't matter. we have too many problems in the country, i think we can move past the small stuff. host: thank you. you can join the conversation on our twitter page. a lot of people are to have. rick says people talk like this the first time in election like
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this happen. year,ven election opposite could happen. it's the way it works. and going back to this headline. mcconnell's next step. he spoke yesterday about what he hopes the president will and will not do, including immigration and the keystone xl pipeline. here's what he had to say about the immigration issue. [video clip] choosing to dot a lot of things unilateral really -- unilaterally on immigration is a big mistake. it's an issue that most of our members want to address legislatively. flag inke waving a red yout of a bull to say, if guys don't do what i want, i'm going to do what i want. -- i will do it on my own. the president has done that on other things and is threatening to do it again. i hope he doesn't do that, because it poisons the well for
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an opportunity to address a very important domestic issue. host: the comments of senator mitch mcconnell yesterday in louisville, kentucky. we will have live coverage this afternoon of speaker john boehner. he is expected to meet with reporters shortly after 1:00 eastern time on capitol hill. one of the races still to be decided in -- is in louisiana's sixth congressional district. edwin edwards, narrowly winning , finishing about 30% of the vote with all precincts reporting. the key question is not who came in first, but who came in second, because that person has the best shot at winning the runoff. .hat spot goes to garret graves he has experience as a staffer on capitol hill. it was expected that edwin edwards would run -- would win a spot in the runoff.
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both candidates are well aware of a republican advantage in this highly conservative district. edwards --pes nor neither garret graves nor edwin edwards is discounting that effect. richard from fort lauderdale, florida, good morning. republican line. caller: good morning. congressike to see definitely solve economic problems, our debt, and become taxes andess, and pro- regulation -- and reduce taxes and regulation. obama throw monkey wrench into the gears. we have to fix that. also, we need to look at our our traditional values of america.
7:48 am
there is a documentary that just .ame out on dvd called "america it's an excellent documentary about the history of america. it was on hbo. caller: right, and i think people from both parties, -- it's a great documentary and goes to the history of slavery, economic, and everything. with a traditional values, it was probably five or six years ago and it really shocked me. hillary clinton speaks to a group of young people. she wanted to change -- or excuse me, the traditional holiday of america. she wanted to call it earth day. host: where was that? that is news to me. caller: i don't exactly will he -- i don't exactly remember
7:49 am
where it happened, but it stuck in my memory because of was show shocking. i'm sure it could be googled. the democratic party is so far , you know, they want to take god out of the pledge of allegiance. and the gentleman who called before, speaking about a book , if youto communism read some of their tactics with big government and taking religion and god out of our society, it's the same pattern as common as countries. host: i will stop you there. thank you for the call. inside the washington times look ahead at 2016. elizabeth warren is the exception as clinton and biden pick election losers.
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and from mother jones, david corn is also writing about the election results, saying it is the president's failure to communicate. lake from oklahoma city, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. i'm glad to be on. i see a kind of new red their happening. it is quite funny -- a new red scare happening. it is quite funny. we see a kind of liberal movement, especially with the young people come of the young crowd. people, the young crowd. that is important to look at.
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i don't really think this ,lection is that big of a deal in all honesty. i think more people, especially in the younger crowd, need to take part in elections. i know a lot of young people are still very cynical and they don't want to vote. that is kind of scary to me in a way. i think that's the wrong approach to have. this is your country that you will inherit. and decisions now will matter in the future. host: thank you so much for the call. this morning, the front page of "the washington post" obama saying to the voters, i hear you. and let's you know voters are angry on the issue of immigration. it is something that obama did
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talk about yesterday. here is more from the news conference on wednesday. [video clip] vote isr as the latino concerned, i believe this election was a lost opportunity for democrats. instead of embracing their records in our community, too many senate democrats either away from us,n and even in states where are vote could have made adjustments -- made a difference, the outreach was anemic. this proved costly for them last night. host: from yesterday's news conference, as latino activists out on immigration. , hefrom this morning post begins by saying --
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this morning, frank luntz, nside "the new york times." harry is joining us from elizabeth. good morning. caller: good morning. i have two comments. my first comment is, none of the reporters ever comment on the long-term unemployed. it seems like everyone has
7:54 am
forgotten about us. mr. obama gets on tv and says he hears us. now republicans are saying they hear us and we are their priority. but where were they when they turn their back on us? the long-term unemployed who are losing their homes. questions, even john boehner. they turned their back on us. when will theyn, come back to work echo i'm sure, next week, and then they are out for thanksgiving and christmas. when will they get back to work echo it seems like everybody -- when will they get back to work? it seems like everybody forgot about us. host: thank you for the call. here is a comment from twitter, let the 2016 games begin. the new york congressman will not run the party's congressional campaign election cap -- campaign for 2016
7:55 am
election. we will go to staten island, new york, republican line, joe, good morning. i voted for cuomo. i am 52 and it's the first time i've voted for a democrat in my life. host: in your house it, did you vote for graham or recce i? caller: graham. i will run for congress next time itself in the primary. but i voted for cuomo.
7:56 am
they rated the pension fund in new jersey. host: thanks for the call. teste spotlight, relationship takes the spotlight. we will go to pete in north carolina, independent line. welcome to the conversation. hello. my thing is, the caller has got to mandate. they have an opportunity to do something. it is up to them to do something. it's not what the president does. it's what they can do. do the work. host: thank you for the call.
7:57 am
fred barnes is available online at the spurred by stephen law and karl wrote- carla growth, republicans also did far better than expected and deploying a ground game to identify voters and get them to the polls. they outmatched the heralded democratic operation. and reince priebus gets credit for the report after the 2012 election, telling candidates how to run in the new era. it said, they should be with they used to be. 2014 was tougher than 2012. they had to protect the gains of four years ago and build on
7:58 am
them. fred barnes this morning, the rejection of liberal democratic government -- government. that piece is available at david, what is your message to washington? the republicans really need to go because they will only have a set up for two years. -- all the people that are that ran away from obama, that's what they've got. you've only got a for two years. you will lose it again. grow all you want to my that's all you've got, two years. in ohio, republican line. a big win for your governor in that state. caller: well, he had an easy race, because he had -- because
7:59 am
they had a lousy democrat. i'm so sorry that they have not brought up anything about the military. my son has served under three presidents. this president has changed the rules of engagement and has our men over there in afghanistan also be change the rules of engagement i made their jobs much more difficult, made it more dangerous for them. under this president, he's taking away their jobs and giving them to civilian people. he did nothing, nothing to help tamarisimories he -- in mexico. and look at how he scoffed at the military. so, yes, i can send them to ebola country. let them get ebola. but our health care workers, they are heroes. he is taking away their jobs. for cannot even get letters
8:00 am
christmas that have got her christmas on them. host: where's your son at the moment? don't want to say. well, he's stateside to get it just got back from australia. i don't want him to get in trouble. he is taking away their jobs and giving them to civilians and saying we don't need these military people anymore. he just turned loose another guy from guantanamo bay. and that bird dog guy who is a traitor to this country. for an much for the call. from twitter -- what is the message to washington? here's what the president had to say of his news conference about how he sized up the midterm election returns. guest[video clip] >> what stands up to me is that
8:01 am
the american people sent a message, one they sent for several elections now. they expect the people they elect to work as hard as they do. they expect us to focus on their ambitions and not ours. they want us to get the job done. al of us in both parties have responsibility to address that sentiment. i have a president, unique responsibility to try to make this town work. to everyone who voted, i want you to know that i hear you. voters who chose not to participate in the press is yesterday, i hear you, too. all of us have to give more americans a reason to feel like the ground is stable beneath their feet, that the future is secure, that there is a path freedom people to succeed, and that folks here in washington are concerned about them. host: the president at
8:02 am
yesterday's east room news conference that ran 73 minutes. it is available on our website at this is the headline this morning from "usa today" - writing about one of the surprises. and how one in virginia close the race was with mark warner and ed gillespie. the piece is titled -- in retrospect, when you look at this, absolutely.
8:03 am
next,o to akron, ohio mike is on the phone on the independent line, good morning. caller: good morning, i live in wright wasistrict tim reelected, he is a democrat and i am thankful for that. i could go out my back door and through a stone into the 14th to start and 11 stick drift -- district. 11 a small sliver of the 13th district but nonetheless, i'm satisfied that tim ryan one. i'd like to make a request for c-span. you cannot be mean or rude to people if they call even if they say something that is untrue. they say obama has the senate for two years when he first took office. please correct those people. remind them that reagan was not sworn in for a 6-8 weeks until after the election and ted kennedy passed around -- passed away and scott brown one -- not
8:04 am
did not win the election. obama did not have close to 60 votes of the senate. correct those people because every time i hear somebody say they look like, the cat who ate the canary. when people call in and make that statement, please be as gentle as possible and correct them and remind them about ted kennedy, please. host: the democrats had a majority but they did not have 60 votes. caller: a majority but it was not filibuster proof. they needed it 60 to be filibuster proof. they did not have that the entire two years. it was not a filibuster proof senate for those two years. host: your other point? caller: i have heard people call in and say they hate obamas white hat more than they hate his black half. it's hard to deal with but i have listened to bill o'reilly
8:05 am
and newt gingrich. when people say that, what they mean is that he should be from kansas. that must be a bigger threat than being from kenya. commenty make that about hating his wife half more than his black cap, maybe kansas is a bigger threat to them. that's all i can say. host: thanks for the call. the other story we will share it with you from the "l.a. times," looks at the voter turnout. the gop made significant gains in getting its voters to turn in ballots early. the most loyal voters got to the
8:06 am
polls on election day trouncing democrats but they should not be popping the champagne for 2016 just yet. full details online at l.a. and charlie cook of the national journal and the cook political report said the ground game typically helps on pollsree percent of the on election day and many of the republicans won by margins far greater than that. you can watch that event online at what is next for congress as the lame-duck session gets underway? we will get their perspective from the christian science monitor and "the washington post" and what it can republican-controlled congress will look like next year. you are watching and listening to "washington journal." we are back in a moment.
8:07 am
>> this weekend on the c-span networks, friday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span, more reaction to the midterm elections. on saturday night at 8:00 on a debate on the future of the internet. sunday evening at 8:00, author and television host tavis smiley on his latest book. friday night at 8:00 on c-span two, amherst college professor and author ronald ross bottom on german occupied paris during world war ii. saturday night at 10:00 on booktv, author jeff chang on the
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how a policy, law, or action by the branches of the federal government has affected you or your community. there is 200 cash prizes for students and teachers totaling $100,000. for the list of rules and how to get started, go to student "washington journal" continues -- host: our postelection roundtable is rejoined with jackie kucinich of "the washington post" and jill -- and gail chaddock of "the washington -- of the christian science monitor. can you explain? the monitor did a cover story where we pull together the ,est people we could think of longtime congress watchers and congressional leaders and i was involved in interviewing a couple of them. at the end of it, i realized that their suggestions for reform all involve reversing previous reforms all of which
8:10 am
have had unintended consequences such as transparency laws that were designed to bring people into the negotiations. instead what happened, the negotiations went straight out of the room. there is even less availability too many things. campaign finance reform, we know what has happened with that idea of getting money out of politics. readearmark reform which i about endlessly. i was enthused with the concept which is why cover do so much. one of the things that seems to have happened is that politics is not work as well unless leaders have some kind of leverage over members that are in litigation. in effect, every reform idea of the last 20 or 30 years has had pretty serious unintended consequences so the headline is kind of a joke. obviously, an institution that has a rating of nine percent, lower than tv news irena to
8:11 am
inform you, lower than just about any other institution, obviously we have to do something to fix it but it happy what we've done before. host: let's talk about the election returns we begin the morning by asking what the messages to washington. what is the message to speaker john weiner? guest: speaker john banner -- john boehner needs to get his caucus in line and he started to do that at the end of last year where he got to a place ready to get people -- his people to vote for something and stop doing things like trying to repeal obamacare. i don't think that has gone away. i don't think they will be able obamacare the cycle. they wanted both sides to work together. you will get republicans working together however, you look internally and there will be internal strife with republicans and we will see if they can break through those.
8:12 am
over the last congress, we sought on the house side and mcconnell will have to try to get a balance on his site as well. host: the message to the new republican leader of the senate, mitch mcconnell? guest: try to get things done. get that body moving again. one of the interesting things particularly on issues -- they are talking about keystone as one of the things that republicans will try to get done now that they have both houses of congress. i love the democrats also supported keystone. some of these things -- it's not necessarily a slam dunk just because you have two sides of congress that agree with each other. host: here is what the president said yesterday on the issue of immigration and whether or not he will have executive order if congress fails to act on the issue. [video clip] >> i have no doubt that there will be some republicans who are by any or frustrated
8:13 am
executive action i may take. folks -- i just have to say -- who are also deeply opposed to immigration reform. in any form. and they block the house from being able to pass a bipartisan bill. i have said before that actually believe that john weiner is sincere about wanting to get immigration reform passed which is why, for a year, i held off taking any action beyond what we have already done for the so-called dream act. could to giveng i him space and room to get something done. said at the time was it in fact congress -- that this congress could not get
8:14 am
something done that i would take further executive actions in order to make the system work better understanding that any bill that they pass will supplant the executive actions i take. takeaways if you can read between the lies is that he will have an executive order on immigration and he also indicated that he will probably veto the keystone xl pipeline. he did not say that but if you read between the lines, it seems that's where he might be going. guest: i think that's absolutely right. there are suddenly to new numbers we have not used in washington very much. one is to 90 and the other is 67. that is threshold for overcoming a presidential veto. it's the new reality now. you can talk about many things but if you and i kept the president to sign your bill, it is going nowhere. the other thing i think that is interesting about this is the amount of leverage that both leaders have within their own
8:15 am
party. the president talks about it as if it is a character issue that john banner could not deliver his caucus. when nancy pelosi passed health care reform, she had 40 votes on her own side of the aisle that she could say we don't need you. john weiner has not had that. boehner doesr john not have that. he can say you can vote however you want and get something through. those are the two numbers. john boehner and mitch mcconnell are getting attention in an op-ed. they said -- they conclude by saying that the skeptics say nothing will be a compass in the next two years as elected servants of the people
8:16 am
in a we will make it our job to prove the skeptics wrong. guest: color me a skeptic. i think not only are there internal issues but you have the president ready with a veto. it is only vetoed two bills so far in his presidency and most of that was because of errors in the bill. i think you'll see that uptick significantly. as far as tax reform, you have corporate taxes as something they will push. you have the medical device tax they want to repeal. those two things, it will be a difficult task. host: the democratic leader nancy pelosi again said she will run -- do you think there will be any movement to have change in the democratic leadership in the house or the senate? guest: i always think there will be and that not -- and it never happens. there's no reason to think i could be right in this case. this is a leader just raised $100 million. if you go over her entire career, going back to when she
8:17 am
was cartoon does a hostess who gave parties, she is raising a ton of money. knowing the donors on the democratic side better than probably any leader ever, i don't think she is going unless she wants to. it seems pretty clear she does not want to. host: she said our members and candidates one hard-fought campaigns and supported by an connected to their constituents and strengthened by the tenacious leadership of steve israel. unfortunately, we lost a valued members of the house but we must continue to fight the middle income -- type for the middle income families. guest: i would agree with gail that nancy pelosi will be there as long as she wants to be. the math does not look good for democrats in the house or until they take over the house again, i think she will get some of the
8:18 am
younger members of the caucus challenging her. until then, there is no reason. host: look at this map. you can see the dark areas are republicans in the house of representatives and the lighter areas are the democratic seats in the house. it is certainly on each coast and sprinkled in the middle and the upper midwest. for the most part geographically, it's a republican country when you look at this map. guest: a map that is even more interesting to my sense is looking at what happened at the state legislature level. au now have 25 states with republican governor and an entirely republican legislature and 2/3 of the states have an entirely republican house and congress -- house and senate. that's next ordinary set of numbers especially when you see what they are doing at the state level. the decisions they make about medicare and access to guns and
8:19 am
even women's reproductive rights, if you ask yourself, what most impacts what my daily life is like? the states are having a great deal to say about that. a lot of the interesting fights are at that level and many people expected that sam brownback would be gone. his plan was to radical. he is still there. governor walker is still there. i think that is every bit as interesting as what will happen in washington. >> to take consequence of 2010. -- it is a consequence of 2010 when the republicans started rising and democrats have not been able to break that. since that happened, people talk about how the tea party is diluting the power but that is things that that particular revolution has helped. host: we heard from senator pat roberts on his victory beach
8:20 am
saying he will be the incoming chair of the senate agriculture committee. what changes can we expect among these committees in the senate when the gop takes over? guest: as far as --? that is a next question. things thatof the is going to change as far as the races that are still out -- mary landrieu's biggest pushes was that i am the chair of the energy committee. that's why you should send me back. she is no longer the chair of the energy committee. she does not nearly have the employee should and democrats have the majority and i think that hurts her as we go into this december runoff. host: it was reported this morning that a lot of the traditional groups that supported democrats may not be there for her because of her support of the keystone xl pipeline and issues dealing with women's reproductive rights. guest: exactly right.
8:21 am
jeb hensarling interested me because he wants to stay on at financial services. he was the one that people thought might challenge john boehner and now that will not happen. that is an interesting story how the speaker has moved very quickly to consolidate his position. i think you will see a very different situation in the new house. -- u.s. tea party people who do you give credit for in the new congress? it's not like 2010. even within tea party race, one of the most interesting things will be looking at where senator paul and senator cruz goes. senator paul is introducing new issues with tremendous bipartisan potential such as the nsa. sentencing or you can get a lot of support on the left over issues like spiting - spying.
8:22 am
i think there will be creativity on the gop front. paul has a great relationship with mitch mcconnell because they are from the same state. he has endorsed him and endorsed him early against his republican opponent. i think that relationship is going to be extremely interesting to watch. i think it's good for mitch mcconnell. if there is a filibuster in the air particularly. he will have more control over the. host: jackie kucinich of "the athington post" as we look the election returns and what it means for congress this year and next year. patricia joins us from panama city, florida, on our line for democrats. caller: hi, how are you? thati wanted to ask is now the republicans have taken over everything, does that mean they will go along with the paul ryan
8:23 am
budget and give vouchers out instead of medicare and will they also privatized social security which they threatened to do over and over again? host: let's take the social security issue first. that has not been part of the debate but will it? guest: social security is something everyone talks about always finds a good reason to delay. for the next two years, i think everything could get absorbed into 2016. people are already talking about this being the election of our lifetime because so many critical issues will have to be decided. ever since i covered congress since 2000, there has been people saying that if we don't do it social security now it will be too late. it really is upon us in 2016. i think anything big will be kicked over into that time simply because you cannot overcome a presidential veto and no one wants to go into that election with very tough votes.
8:24 am
the social security vote will be very difficult if you don't do it in a bipartisan way, it will not get done. host: let's go to cookeville, tennessee, republican line -- caller: thanks for taking my call. there is one part of the election that i think was not covered and is important. that is the confirmation of federal judges. [indiscernible] they had a rule before the they can hardly get anything past without a simple majority and now that the republicans have control, probably more moderate judges will come up. far as anything else, we should think about medicare. they have to do something about that because there is probably a lot of money there. host: thank you. guest: i think a lot of nominees
8:25 am
-- i think democrats will try to do something in the lame-duck session. i think that will be on the top of the agenda for the democratic senate. host: let's go to mark from west valley, new york, our line for democrats. good morning. are you with us? one more time -- how about tim in maine joining us on the republican line. caller: yes, i would like to make a comment about an executive order. that i would like to see the president make. hello? host: we can hear you, go ahead. caller: for many years, there has been corporations in this country that have been hiring illegal workers for the sole , these of evading taxes social security medicare taxes. i would let's see the president -- i would like to see the
8:26 am
president to an executive order to go after some of these ceos specifically in the meatpacking industry. they have been doing it for 40 years now and getting away with it. host: thanks for the call. guest: he's right, that's one of the issues that is most frustrating. i think it is also one that potentially could unite some democrats and republicans. the leadership does not want to go after corporations, period, whether democratic republicans. that has been a real sore point. i think the colors right. is he still there? host: he's not. you brought up the issue of executive orders. the president frame the issue of immigration saying that if congress acts on emigration, that would supersede anything that i sign into law as an executive order. he says congress ask but if you don't, i will. guest: another element is that if you act in a way i
8:27 am
think is acceptable, i will resend my order. it's a brand-new theory of checks and balances. the first time i heard it was who said webesera have given congress time to act and they have not acted and now we are acting. where in the federalist papers does it say that one branch gets to say to the other -- timeout, we are acting on her own? guest: this does not solve immigration problem. the senate passed an immigration bill. i don't see how republicans taking the senate means immigration reform is clear to go. host: let's go back to the editorial with speaker john weiner and senator mcconnell and they talk about obamacare. [video clip] >> it's no secret that every one of my members thinks that obamacare was a huge legislative mistake.
8:28 am
it has fouled up the health insurance market and put states in a deep hole in terms of the medicaid expansion and their ability to finance a few years from now. i had the ability, obviously i would get rid of it. obviously, it is also true he is still there. we will be discussing how to go forward on this issue when we get back. this for sure -- there are pieces of it that hard neatly unpopular with the american people. is medical device tax which exporting an enormous number of jobs, the loss of the 40 hour workweek, big mistake, that should be restored. the individual mandate, people hated. -- hate it. i think we will be addressing that issue in a variety of different ways. host: this morning in "the washington post" george will
8:29 am
talks about what he says is a fresh start for congress and makes reference to what senator mcconnell referred to as the , a 29 billion tax dollar blood to an industry that has 400,000 jobs in the president said if you come to death with good idea to the table i will look at them but i will not undermine the key components of the affordable care act. that is one key component because it funds the affordable care act print where does this put the president and the republican leader? guest: i think it will probably get vetoed. mitch mcconnell's rhetoric came from the i will repeal it rhetoric. he is already a little bit softer. the tough thing for mcconnell on obamacare will be conservatives in his caucus. they're going to keep pushing this and will keep pushing obamacare related measures and attaching them to all sorts of bills. he will have to find a way to manage that. havingoesn't help senator ted cruz as a foil for senator mcconnell? guest: it can help and hurt. it's a double-edged sword.
8:30 am
republicans get blamed again for derailing any progress in the senate if they keep talking about obamacare for the next two years. host: if you are in the cabinet betweenorrow morning, the president and the congressional leaders, democrats will thelicans, dynamics be between the president and senator mcconnell? guest: their relationship is not as bad as people think. mcconnell is a professional. through and through. nobody knows procedure better than he does and probably no one knows his caucus better than he does. you do not underestimate him. you heard in the president's speech yesterday a lot of respect for him because he felt he is someone who when he says he can deliver his caucus, he can. i think that will be the basis for a working relationship of sorts. i think the president's real problem is actually the democrats who bitterly resent
8:31 am
the impact he had on their races. makescasional remarks he -- he said at one point, it's good there is a republican house and senate because now we can negotiate. i'm wondering what that sounded like to a house democrat who in effect gave them everything he wanted at the beginning and since then has seen their ranks continue to decrease. host: some interesting insight from your college -- an extensive piece available online at washington this that name in most viewers may not be family or with -- david krohn who was a key player to harry reid.
8:32 am
he said sometimes the messenger is not good. guest: he is not off the reservation. is a very close confidant to senator reid. it's not like he ran out and decided he was going to talk to some reporters. this was something that was sanctioned. piece it shows the frustration senate democrats have with the president throughout the election particularly when it came to money. the president can raise tons of money and they wanted him to raise money for the senate majority pack. his advisers cap coming up of legal reasons why he could not. i feel like they felt that obama used his network for his reelection and left them out to dry. there are comments that the president made during the course of the election in the last two or three weeks where he said my policies are on the ballot and
8:33 am
every single 1 -- i looked at the debates one night with republican and democratic candidates. it was on c-span. echo when you looked throughout with republican candidates saying that the president said his policies are on the ballot. that did not help. host: let's go to don from california, and democrats line. morning, you talk too much. c-span is just another conservative station. that election was nothing but another example of white supremacy in america. america is going to forever be white supremacists. terms --as given in into the hands of the wicked
8:34 am
in the book of job in the bible.and that's my comments. host: we disagree but thank you for sharing your views. south carolina, good morning, republican line. caller: good morning. i wanted to make a comment about what the president had stated, his figures is that 1/3 of the people voted and because of that, is going to invalidate the election results. if you look at the time when he was voted in as president in 20 -- in 2008, 49% of the people voted. he was elected with 27% of the people that voted in that 49% block. does that invalidate his presidency? that is my question but have a comment -- the only way that this man is going to be stopped is to impeach him. i would rather have a buffoon like joe biden then i thug like
8:35 am
president obama. guest: i love the turnout. can i talk about this? i was struck by his remark. if you look at what he actually said, he said yes, i heard what voters said but i also heard 2/3 of voters who did not vote said. the turnout in american elections compared to almost any other standard is very sad. when you break down the states and there are some preliminary stuff on the web coming out on the first estimate i saw is only eight states that had turnout below 1/3. they are interesting states -- texas is like 28%. new york is on that list of very low turnout.
8:36 am
maine which is why i hope the color had stayed on is the highest turnout state and the nation. it's something like 59%. theout is an issue but president did not say he wouldn't invalidate the election. point just to -- not spin - but have people look at it in a different way. 1/3 eligible voters gave republicans a resounding victory but what did the other 2/3 think and that's an important question in a democracy. house democrats lost at least 14 seats in the house and since the president has been office, the democrats of lost 69 seats in the house of representatives just on par with the worst midterm election dating back to harry truman. guest: i think the underlying issue for all of this is the economy. when people cannot feel the economy getting better where they live in their lives,
8:37 am
politicians than lose elections and particularly for the party that is in charge of the white house. i think that's why you keep seeing this happen. host: this is from twitter -- guest: i think while president obama's office, she is actually right. it will be a hardbell to unring. it's an issue that generates the republican race. for larger donors, gets them to donate. host: let's go to rick from auburn, washington, independent line, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to say that the caller from california is an absolute idiot. i am stating something that is obvious and i apologize. acted likeresident he is a spoiled little child when he talked about the 2/3
8:38 am
that did not vote. are you kidding me? this is what libertarians and independents and republicans are all about. you talk about the 2/3 not doing anything and meanwhile they get the unemployment and all the benefits we are talking about people that want to get up and do something about this country. are you kidding me? host:.thanks for the call again, i go back to what gale said, i cannot elaborate any better, that the president said to look at this in a different way and acknowledge -- host: let me follow-up on that -- i think some of them tried. i think the president is so unpopular in this country that they could not surmount that. you heard several democrats try to run the fact -- mary landrieu
8:39 am
got herself in trouble because she said she still supports favorable care act. that has been a tough thing for her to make it good thing even in a state like louisiana. host: she asked for six debates with congressman bill cassidy. we will cover them here in the c-span network. our guests are here at the table from "the christian science monitor" and "the washington post." we will get your comments on congress on the election in the -- and what the 114 congress will look like. before that, we had to get to the lame-duck session. what can we expect? this is from "the whole huffington post." guest: one thing that matters to voters is that government is still funded which has not been a trivial issue. i was interested that practically the first thing mitch mcconnell said is that there would be no drama over funding government and there
8:40 am
would be no drama over debt limits. we will not use this is a location to leverage the sessions. he was really speaking straight to ted cruz quick couple of days earlier said we have a new majority and now is the time to press these issues with the power we have. mitch mcconnell has said quite the opposite. he said we are going to go over what is doable. but the firsthy thing the house or senate would not do is to have a vote on obamacare. out -- onet people record and have the president veto it and they will turn to the camera and say we can either keep running this bill by and lose because we do not have 290 votes or 67 votes in the senate or we can make the best we can into something good for the american people at a time when they need government to function. i think that's what will happen. hr 1 two 1 - it was
8:41 am
or three years ago but it's not something i think they will be able to -- for certain members of the republic debts of the republican party, safety votes is not enough. >> sure. host: let me get your reaction to what senator mcconnell said his relationship was with the current majority leader harry reid. [video clip] >> we have had some spirited debates on the floor of the senate about the way the place is being run. but we don't have an acrimonious relationship personally. what was your question? >> what was that conversation like an are you two going to work better together? , obviously having been a leader in a tough race himself, he called to complement me on what a skillful campaign we ran. he obviously paid close attention to it.
8:42 am
as many of us have discussed before, that has been the new paradigm. you got a kind of presidential level campaign if you are a leader of the senate. harry said he followed it closely. he complement amana campaign will run. host: he said it's not an acrimonious relationship. do you believe him? guest: i think they have their moments. i thought one of the more interesting stories is that moderate democrats in the senate are not happy with harry reid. said he willin have to give us some assurances that republicans can get up and down votes on their amendments and some other things. not that they have control of the floor. veryoderate democrats were frustrated with how harry reid ran the senate.
8:43 am
we will see if he has a challenge. host: any chance that joe manchin would switch parties and become a republican west virginia? guest: that is such great speculation at the beginning of any cycle. it was a piece a few days ago that the senator from maine would switch and in 30 seconds he gave impromptu testimony denying it. i don't know what the incentive would be for joe manchin to switch. he's got such a wonderful position now going back and forth between two parties. people like olympia snowe, susan collins have achieved a great deal by being the person the middle. i don't know why he would want to give that up. heidi we know that heitkamp will be one of those issues -- one of those people. senator one or narrowly escaped ed gillespie. narrowlyr warner escaped ed gillespie.
8:44 am
alaska's not certified. there is a group of senators that were important before but now are more important being moderate members of the minority party. host: from selma, alabama, jessica is on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. lome complete my message. i would like to ask the guests to give their opinions on the variables --se gerrymandering, and voter suppression, citizens united, a biased media, and popularity which is closet racism. they have on the republicans get out to vote strategy and their messaging? i will take my answer off the air. gerrymanderings
8:45 am
and how the map looks, that has not had an effect. you have this urban/rural divide when you look at this map. it is hard for democrats in recent years to make act the gains they had in 2006. guest: this is such an important issue. everything you mentioned is important to talk about. i think the biggest thing again goes back to turn out. when i started out walking campaigns, when you richard voters, you went to all the doors and registered and went to shopping malls and registered as many as you can. now is completely different. what if you end up registering someone who votes for the other side? how bad would that be? so we target minutely who exactly is one of our people and we mobilize them. i think to break the lock on politics that you're describing, that thought has to change. i don't know why it never would
8:46 am
because as long as you win by one vote, it does not matter if five people turned out to vote or 5 million turned out to vote. for the public, it matters a great deal. there has to be a public move to get away from this frankly disgraceful turnout level for the world's greatest democracy. i was out with americans for prosperity in north carolina canvassing with them. they had tablets that had pins and each pin was either someone who needed to vote and have been houset house or it was a that had already been registered and we went to the neighborhoods in and knocked on doors and register people to vote and have a conversation. green,n the pin turned they went to the next test. it's incredible the level of sophistication on both sides. host: the former and likely
8:47 am
of the committee makes the point that after harry reid, the gop should not unilaterally disarm. it will take years to undo the damage done by senate democrats barring filibusters of judicial nominees. some call this the nuclear option put in place by harry reid. what can we expect if anything? guest: i think you just heard it. it was a sad thing about this business of seizing power. president obama as a senator had great concern about the executive powers that president bush had seized. as president himself, he went on to seize more. when the senate pulled the so-called nuclear option, this had been bubbling under the surface for a long time. it flies in the face of senate tradition. the senate is not the house. the senate is the place where you are allowed to debate.
8:48 am
it's not the filibuster that's the problem. it's something more obscure. whether harrybout reid and mitch mcconnell like each other, they are professionals, does not matter whether they like each other. a matters is one thing -- the only power the majority leader has is to start out the motion g thesetting the agenda. he can also fill the tree, the amendment tree. once that's done, there is no room for an amendment on the other side. all the old movies you see of the senate where the senators rise up and propose things, that is gone. now you have to break through that tree. whoever is in the minority they become in the majority,ute they embrace it. sadly, you made about to see the same thing play out again but if anyone is serious about restoring the senate to its
8:49 am
greatestas the world's debate society, they've got to do something about that tree. lakeland, florida, on our line for republicans -- was on your mind? caller: praise be for c-span which is a gift to america. brian lamb is a true santa claus for america. host: i have call that i have heard them called many things but not santa claus. caller: you give america a gift with c-span. i disagree with the guy in california but the other guy should not be called an idiot. let's not call each other names. i'm a moderate republican and i'm trying to promote bipartisan efforts and i sent a letter to my congressman who was a republican and i have been in correspondence with marco rubio and i've sent letters to elizabeth warren and debbie wasserman schultz to ask them since we will have shortages in is future of resources, this
8:50 am
one of the main things we have to study. i want a bipartisan congressional study group for phosphate and how we will do a the coming shortages. mitch mcconnell should be prime minister and we have to govern and work with obama. and jon huntsman will be or is ration. he has the organization no labels. he will be our inspiration. magazine, itist said we can fix obamacare. that was about a month ago. mitch mcconnell will be prime minister and we've got to govern and be positive, not negative like rush limbaugh talking about obstructing. that is crazy. that's mental deficiency to talk like that. -herderte the mosse republicans in honor of teddy roosevelt and our agendas to push for cooperation and fix
8:51 am
obamacare mitch mcconnell will be prime minister and jon huntsman will be our inspiration. can you give me publicity for the agenda? it's an informal group now but this proposed agenda for the moose herder republicans. ask if those congresspeople got my letter on phosphates. host: we will share your comments with -- about brian lamb as well. guest: one thing i'm looking forward to seeing who emerges as the dealmakers, who are the new people that will be reaching across the aisle? , he waslike tom coburn very conservative but you saw him working. who are going to be the people we are watching? i think senator manchin is one but he is not new.
8:52 am
with all the new senators coming in, it will be interesting to see where they fall. host: this is from the tea party organization -- it gives you a sense of the pressure house-senate republicans will face from the right. [video clip] >> for republican leaders, speaker john boehner in the house and presumed majority leader to be mitch mcconnell in the senate, i have two words -- earned this. live up to your promises. repeal obamacare. use reconciliation to pass a bill repealing obamacare and put it on the president's desk. let him veto it and draw a line in the sand. secure the border and block the president planned executive and the state. , andain the rule of law prove that we as a country, as we have been for more than two centuries, are a nation of laws not of men. host: this goes back to what we
8:53 am
said at the top of the conversation -- what can we expect of the new congress? you indicated that probably more gridlock. guest: that's always the default. one thing i have learned about covering the tea party is it is not a monolith. it does not have leaders. they've like to think that it does because it makes it easier to do our job. it does not have leaders. suggest there is another tea party agenda emerging. she articulated the ted cruz tea party agenda. bridges, fighthe them everywhere. the other one is the rand paul initiative. office somes first safer's presidential bid in california, really? i republican who thinks they can do something in california?
8:54 am
is reaching out to silicon valley. i think the rand paul camp will develop within the tea party like mandatory sentencing. you can attach the black caucus on to that one. but things like nsa spying, which is an interesting issue to raise of hillary clinton becomes the nominee. there are all kinds of creative possibilities here that really are not covered by what she said. what you heard there is one branch of an old tea party. there are lots of new parts of the tea party developing. they got clobbered in this election. many of them are still heartbroken about mississippi. they are looking for a new face and it's not necessarily fighting the old losing battles. tea partys was not a election. this was an establishment election. tea party candidates were
8:55 am
defeated in the primaries and the establishment rose. even someone like joni ernst to have the backing of tea party and establishment in iowa and nationally, these are establishment candidates coming to washington. a lot of them probably will not answer to the tea party to be quite frank. host: speaker john banner and senator mitch mcconnell in "the washington journal." you can read the full editorial online at wsj.copm. let's go to illinois, independent line. caller: good morning, c-span.
8:56 am
i think the subject is still on what to expect with republicans, , withp control of the senate and the congress, correct? is that correct? host: turn it into a question. is -- i haveestion a comment and a question -- is that ok? host: absolutely, but we are short on time so be brief. caller: i think the people of america should not expect anything different. i think also that they should not blame either party. either democrat or republicans because these guys are in this for not just political game
8:57 am
but also financial gain through major corporations. i think they sickly the major corporations in this country have actually, in a sense, have held america hostage in a way. ok, three point $7 billion spent on the selection, how the respond to that point? guest: that's a great deal of money. i would not go quickly from that to the personal finances of members of congress are why they are here. the longer you look at this place -- you mentioned the tom coburn -- when he came to the senate, everyone assumed he would burn the place down. he was known for some fairly idiosyncratic things he had done and was viewed as extreme. he developed into i think one of the iconic statesmen of the senate acknowledged on both
8:58 am
sides. he may be one of the few friends that barack obama has when he was in the senate. congress iseasons so negatively viewed is that people really don't see what goes on here on a personal level. to the surprise of many people, including me, there is a lot of nobility here. whate are actually doing they see is the right thing in their own light. there is money when you leave. there's not a whole lot of money when you are here. i would not be so quick to generalize the way the caller did. this is one of those things that everybody talks about how bad it is and how there is outside morning campaigns and that is horrible. the president talked about
8:59 am
isis and ebola will ask congress for $6 billion to do with ebola. this is a tweet from one of our viewers -- do you want to tackle that? guest: it's very interesting -- you mentioned rand paul. i guess he is trying to bolster his far -- his foreign policy credentials but there is a strain of not wanting to go to war again among more libertarian minded republicans. i think that is going to become more pronounced. there is going to be a debate over the funding for the president's campaign in syria and iraq. i think it will be very interesting to see how much of a voice is republicans who are done with spending money on wars have. host: let's go to john in sarasota, florida, democrats line. caller: what a blessing i got through. host: glad you got through.
9:00 am
caller: i have not called a long time. i have tried to call my could not get through. please don't cut me off. i initially called to make a comment which was constructive about the press. i want to do that since i heard these comments about obama care from the tea party people, i want to make two come in spirit went about health care and to about the president. i'm a 60-year-old man. healthnot had any insurance for years because i cannot afford it. i was taking care of my mother who had alzheimer's. i could not get health care for myself. it's because of the aca, i have been able to get insurance. here in the state of florida, we have one million people. one million people who benefit
9:01 am
from medicaid expansion. but for political reasons, $51 billion of taxpayer money we don't get back because we have a republican legislature who wants to poke the eye of the president, one million people -- you all have nice health packages. imagine if you could never go to a doctor. we will get a response to that. an extremelymaking important point. time, we are so focused on who is president that we are not investing the get deepereeded to where the state decision is what affects sony people's lives. -- so may people's lives.
9:02 am
caller: i want to make my comment about the press. a critical this is what i have observed. over the last few months on every major sunday program, every major host and everybody out there, it's a casual comment. washington is broken, gridlock in washington. nothing gets done. the fact of the matter, from my point of view, it's not that washington is broken. there has been a record number of filibusters and there was a shutdown of the government that resulted in the downplay of the s&p credit rating. say it's not both parties. republicans have moved to a radical party. host: thank you for the call.
9:03 am
i was not sure what he was saying about the press. when you go out in the states and you talk to everyday americans, they do want washington to do something because they are sick of hearing this cliche that washington is broken, sorry. that was one of the messages of this election. if wanted to see the gears and start running again. the devil is in the details. replaced one cliche with another. host: wisconsin. last caller. what is on your mind? caller: thank you. i want to follow up the topic of it. care -- my co-pay is
9:04 am
$4000, not to mention the premium. i'm scared to go to the doctor. close to dying before i pay all that and go broke. wisconsin has health care through scott walker. i would be interested on your opinion on that. welfare -- people should be drug tested before they can collect welfare. their name should be put on the food stamps so they cannot trade them to other people for other things. host: are you self-employed? caller: yes, i am. host: what is your monthly insurance bill? it's actually paid through my wife's work. i could not afford it. there is going to be --
9:05 am
there has to be a day of reckoning for social security, medicare and medicaid. decade because, within a , they are collectively going to take those resources to settle the debt. from --te will come they had experiences in states to look at. that is what is going to happen here. how they deal with health care, how they deal with social safety nets. when this debate happens, you can be certain that they are ding to look at a, b, c, for how they look at it. host: what to expect from the lame-duck congress? guest: the fact that mark
9:06 am
warner's race was so close in virginia, that was the one race i looked at and said, what happened? bill is something they have to get done. host: biggest surprise? guest: the biggest surprise for everyone was the virginia race. people were gasping when those numbers came through. it was the biggest surprise. by biggest surprise was what happened at the state levels. experiments, state beingally in kansas where swept aside by voters and that did not happen. i think the lame-duck session will be quite. elections wound and
9:07 am
this election wounded a lot of people. there are wounds within the republican party and wounds between republican and democratic parties. tremendous wounds between congress and the president. host: to both of you, thank you very much for joining us and we appreciate it. we go back to our original question. did you look at the returns on tuesday night? what is the message to washington? 202-585-3880 for democrats. 1 for85-3880 1 republicans.
9:08 am
we will get to your calls and comments in a moment. first, the c-span radio studio with a look at other news. >> applications for jobless benefits fell to a 14 year low last week. pointing to stronger hiring. 10,002applications fell 278,000. 278,000. to with stronger hiring this year. adding an average of 227,000 in 2014.nth up from 194,000 last year. get employment rate has fallen to 5.9%. workers productivity increased in the third quarter at a slower previous quarters.
9:09 am
the amount of output per work hours rose at a 2% annual rate in the third quarter after a 2.9% gain in the second quarter. greater productivity is the key factor determining rising living standards. britain's princess and visits the library of congress today. opening a new expedition marking the hundreds anniversary of the magna carta -- 800 anniversary of the magna carta. the daughter of queen elizabeth ii will preside of the ceremony today. that ledric influence to the constitutional rights written by the founding fathers of the united states. lincoln cathedral in england is loaning one of the only for surviving copies of the original magna carta issued in the year 1215. the document is the centerpiece of a new exhibit that opens today and runs through january 19. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. weekend, friday night at
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8:00 on c-span, more reaction to the midterm elections on saturday night at 8:00, a debate on the future of the internet. sunday evening at 8:00, tavis smiley on his latest book. ,riday night at 8:00 on c-span2 ronald ross bottom on german occupied paris. 70 night at 10:00 -- saturday night at 10:00, racial progress in america. 10:00, what at makes us human and different to other species. friday 88:00 on american history of honorpan3, middle recipients reflect on their service in world war ii. saturday at 8:00, the social prejudice immigrants faced during the 1800s. 8:00, the 23rd
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anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. let us know what you think about the programs you're watching. us or send us a tweet. join the c-span conversation. like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. >> "washington journal" continues. host: good morning as we enter our third hour. we want to go back to the question we asked many of you in our first hour. as you look at the election results, what is the message to washington? we heard from the president and mitch mcconnell yesterday. today, we will hear from john boehner. he will hold a news conference after 1:00 eastern time. , neweadline from usa today pledges, old politics. obama and the gop about cooperation. the editorial page of usa today,
9:12 am
more gridlock ahead. this from the financial times, obama faces a serious test of his own relevancy. what is the message to washington? the editorial many people are reading this morning from john boehner and mitch mcconnell. now, we can get congress going. al is joining us from winterhaven, for the. democrats line. -- winter haven, florida. emma crestline.
9:13 am
democrats line. caller: congress was hired to work for us. not for anyone else. r orfor the rich or the poo middle class, but all americans. build the strongest military in the world so the rest of the world notices a. we have to build jobs in this country. we have to take care of the poor. get the middle class back to where they are middle-class and not middle poor. do something like that. congress needs to work for the people of the united states. that is my comment. host: inside the washington post, first on the gop agenda, bills with bipartisan appeal. forfirst order of business mcconnell and boehner will be to put the basic work of congress back on track. passing a budget each year and
9:14 am
moving the appropriation bills on schedule instead of letting them pile up in packages. gop leaders say they will tackle more than three dozen bills such as the authorization of the keystone xl oil pipeline. that measure has passed the house and has the vote clear the senate dear. -- clear the senate next year. bill is on the phone from maryland. republican line. caller: thank you for c-span. i was struck by president obama's comments in his news conference following the election. he said to those of you who voted, i hear you. that is understandable. we have procedures that allow interpretbe able to what the general mood of the public is. the president went on to say that to the two thirds of you
9:15 am
who did not vote, a hear you, too. is no interpretation of what their thoughts were because there were no exit polls for those who did not vote. the only message i can take from the fact that two thirds did not vote is that two thirds of the public did not care enough about the president or the opposition. dan in the washington post , hard questions for democrats as they look to 2016. the democrats when he 16 nominee will run in the shadow of the obama presidency. -- 2016 nominee.
9:16 am
alvin joining us from minnesota. good morning. i will tell you exactly what this election and the people who voted for the republicans want. the opposite of what the democrats have been doing to us for the last six years. instead of raising our nation's debt and bearing our debt into the holes of china and other nations, we want the republicans to remove our debt and decrease the amount of money that is being spent that creates the debt to begin with. we do not want, under any circumstances, to raise the debt limit and raise the amount of
9:17 am
taxes the democrats keep stealing from us. the next thing is, we have a perfectly great immigration system in this country. it worked for my grandparents and for millions of others. there is no reason to change it except for the fact that the democrats wanted to get millions byvotes to vote for them allowing illegal aliens from mexico to run across our nation and then get the free benefits. we do not want that, mr. president. we do not want that, harry reid. we want you to block the border. every other nation does the same thing. we are sick and tired of seeing harry reid obstruct 303 bills that came from the republican house. he has to stop that. those 303 bills were thrown into the garbage by the democrats.
9:18 am
we do not want that, harry reid. listen carefully. host: thanks for the call. inside the new york times, the gop's name to watch. the senator elect from iowa, joni ernst. shelley moore m westridge and -- shelley moore capito of west virginia. from go to herb pennsylvania. democrats line. hostcaller: good morning. thank you for c-span. everybody's how opinions are different. john boehner and mcconnell have done the same thing as harry reid. it is the same crap every are. you can view the republicans on tv.
9:19 am
i sit down one or two hours trent to pick up with things. if you watch boehner and mcconnell, you see the threat in their eyes. you see them on tv yelling and screaming. i have not seen any democrats do this. i have been around people who -- we have toors get this guy out of office. they are my neighbors. they say.elieve what stand up and get the records. look at what bush did all the years he was in office. democrats -- look back real quick. they have to stand up for this man. he has taken us out of the whole. works.can do miracle
9:20 am
war.epublicans are for that makes money for the rich people. the republicans are for the rich all the time. look back at reagan, reagan raised taxes. he tripled the budget. , the unemployment soared. size of thethe government tremendously when he was in office. comment --as this president yesterday indicating that he is going to move ahead on some executive orders for immigration.
9:21 am
about the democrat charged with protecting house seats t. steve israel will step down as the chair of the congressional campaign committee for 2016. anthony joining us from san diego. good morning. republican line. caller: good morning. say thatust like to the republicans -- i'm a republican. please do not overreach. i know they are going to overreach. if you advocate for the repeal of obamacare and you get to extreme, hillary clinton be elected president in 2016. this is about race. the republicans hate obama. host: we move on to beverly in north carolina.
9:22 am
you cross the line when you use language. i want to apologize to our viewers and listeners. caller: i totally agree. it's just like the guy from pennsylvania said. fork you to that last guy don't know how people could vote for republicans who have excellent insurance for life. they have tried dozens of times to repeal health care for all americans. when clinton tried to do it, they repealed that as well. us citizens fight each other, democrat and republican and independent, they do have their benefits. they dine on great food and drink and make money and talk to each other together while we are down here and we don't have anything. people need to start thinking about that and not get so emotional about whether we are democrat or republican. host: one of our viewers saying this --
9:23 am
president yesterday in his 73 minute is conference was asked where he will work with republicans. [video clip] >> we all agree on the need to create new jobs. forh parties have been creating jobs and rebuilding infrastructure. we can hone in on a way to pay for it through tax reform that closes loopholes and makes it more attractive for companies to create jobs here in united states. we can work together to grow our exports and open new markets for our manufacturers. sell more american-made goods to the rest of the world. that is something i will be focused on when i travel to asia next week. we share the same aspirations for our young people. toublicans agreed investments that expanded early childhood education. we have a chance to do more on that front.
9:24 am
host: the president yesterday during his news conference. we asking about the election results in the w message to washington. the city has a new mayor, winning a three-way race. she did extremely well in northwest d.c.. more -- alldate in of her from covington, georgia. democrats line. -- oliver from covington, georgia. democrats line. caller: that is a typical republican mentality. that is the way i feel about it. nothing is going to change in washington, d.c. the republicans never want to do their thing. host: let's go to rob in
9:25 am
connecticut. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. you don't have to apologize to me for that word that was used. that word is used in the black community and infinite number of times every day. amount of hate from the black community is just as bad as it is coming from the white community. question, ito your think the election results yield that this country is still in the center-right. we are willing as a nation to get people who are centerleft a shot. at its core, i think we are center-right. to keep on this theme which occurs every morning of race, here in connecticut, republican gubernatorial candidate lost a very close election to dan malloy. t malloy over the top or the votes from new haven and
9:26 am
bridgeport. the language used his inner, which means black people. all they knew was that tom foley was a rich white male who lives in greenwich. they know nothing about his policies. it was a racist vote. act, no behavioral different than the word used a few minutes ago. it is terrible. the myopia in the closemindedness of the black community to even look at republicans is appalling and it never gets called because there is a double standard in this country. it is just after 9:00 on a business day and it seems to me an incredibly high portion of your calls on three categories. who else could be home on a business day at this hour? retired people, disabled people and black people. 6:26 in los
9:27 am
we are all in time zones. -- in all time zones. caller: very good point. it seems as if a high proportion of people, even with that time change fall in that category. i will go back to my point. because a black candidate with a d after his name was not on the ballot this year is a big reason why republicans pulled out. host: another story from the wall street journal. what happened in wisconsin. on organizedtook labor. gop victories deal a blow to organized labor. the victories could send a message to politicians that they can take on organized labor and survive. mario joining us from silver
9:28 am
spring, maryland. independent line. good morning. i wanted to call because just to represent what happened raisedland, i used to be as a democrat but turned independent in high school. this election was the first time i voted republican. -- lookause many people at what's going on at maryland. african-american men are democrats because democrats are being way too extreme with gun control. in all aspects. taxes are way too high. it is causing an increase in the debt. it is getting to the point that loyalties are starting to move. it's a lot going on in maryland. many people are unhappy with the democratic party.
9:29 am
that is why people are not showing up to the polls. that is why you saw decreases in certain support for certain parties. i'm glad to see what will happen with a republican. interesting to see how things will be at a republican is elected. the election of larry then, republican over lieutenant governor. --s on our twitter page with a fulll page analysis of what the election means, including this from the wall street journal. republicans could start by no longer saying that now we must govern. they cannot govern from capitol hill as long as mr. obama has the veto pen.
9:30 am
leonard joining us from maryland. democrats line. caller: good morning. i would like to help your listeners. 2010 what president obama was hears when he said he from those people who did not
9:31 am
come to the polls. of2008, he built up a lot participation. excitement about hope and change he could deliver. what he is saying by recognizing people did not come out, he is has notg that he continued that type of excitement. it's an admission on his part. host: thank you, leonard. why should the last caller assume we are not at work? another editorial from the new york times this morning. mr. obama's offer to republicans. the tone of the questions in the news conference yesterday
9:32 am
suggesting that was not necessarily going to be enough. making the point that two thirds of the electorate did not vote on election day. nancy.n once again with good morning. more on the election results from the associated press. the next senate will be slightly younger than the current one with several races still to be alled, 11 new senator's averaged 16 years younger than those they are replacing. ofsting a small contingent generation x members in the upper chamber. at 37 years old, tom cotton of arkansas is the youngest incoming senator while david
9:33 am
purdue of georgia is the oldest. 50 comparedage is with 66 for the lawmakers they are replacing. all but one of the new 11 are republicans. level, ante 18-year-old has won a seat in the west virginia state legislature. 63% to her earned 44-year-old democratic opponent. she became the honest lawmaker in the country. sarah blair is a freshman studying economics and spanish at west virginia university. while some states are looking ahead to the 2016 presidential race, politico reports that kentucky is looking at a primary change that would help senator paul. senator rand paul and kentucky republicans are exploring the possibility of turning the state 's presidential primary into a caucus instead. a move that could allow him to run for both his senate seat and
9:34 am
president in 2016. host: back to her calls. the question we are asking, what is the message to washington? little elm, texas. republican line. caller: good morning. the only way we can actually get the jobs back to all of america of put people on a basis better than $50 an hour -- $15 an hour is to get the wto out of this country. a -- they charged 25% on our goods in those countries. look at any department. you see any american-made products? no.
9:35 am
.ery little some countries chastise people for buying american goods. the wto is not our friend and never has been. bill clinton should never have put that into the works. every person who works and of losing a certain amount of money when they retire. a lot of people don't even know that. host: thank you for the call to .oger has thi roger has this point -- a lot of discussion about what happened in virginia. the close race where mark warner is the apparent winner over ed gillespie.
9:36 am
that race has yet to be cold. the certification of the virginia senate race could take two weeks. this from the washington times as the 2016 democratic hopefuls proving to be an effective on the campaign trail. the chair of the republican national committee had this to say. [video clip] >> clearly, his policies were on the ballot and voters were very clear in return, they want nothing to do with the policies of barack obama and hillary clinton. up and down the ballot, these were the president's candidates. these were the clinton candidates, and they lost. remember, hillary clinton campaign and kentucky. grimes lost by over 15 points. then hillary went to iowa and joni ernst one by more than eight points. hillary cannot even save the
9:37 am
democrat in massachusetts. we won in red states, blue states and purple states. host: the chairman of the rnc yesterday. a news conference on capitol hill. i'm ready to get to get to wor work. this headline from mitch mcconnell's home state. mcconnell's next step. john in florida. independent line. caller: good morning. this is a wake-up call for the republicans. forshould be the agenda telling the people the truth and don't break promises. is said they would repeal obamacare. you can change the loss.
9:38 am
make insurance companies take back the people they got rid of because of obamacare. the: the follow-up on report by nancy callow -- more history from usa today with scott and booker making history in the senate. booker is a democrat from new jersey. senator scott a republican from south carolina. .ext call from austin, texas joe on the democrats line. caller: good morning. i think the message that is sent to washington might be a mixed message. ago,entioned a while president obama said he heard the two thirds of voters that did not vote. i was looking back online to see
9:39 am
are aterm elections great predictor of what happens in the national election. historically, they don't really accurately say that just because there is currently republicans controlling the house or the senate that that will be the case in 2016. it speaks more to the two thirds voters that did not vote. historically have been able to get out the vote. they did not get out and vote this time. democrats will revamp their ground game effort to get them back to the polls in 2016. i would not jump to far off the ship. out. is a lot to play host: union army lieutenant alonzo cushing will be honored at the white house. he is being honored for his
9:40 am
valor at gettysburg during the civil war. we have live coverage of the ceremony with the president at 8:40 -- 11:40 eastern time. next is keep joining us from minnesota. -- keith joining us from minnesota. caller: thank you for c-span. what i was going to say was this whole racism thing going on currently between democrats saying that all republicans are racist because of what happened in the last election, it's like making the same argument that all democrats are communists. , it'st comes down to it an argument that republicans are having with the direction the country is going. it would come more back to the middle and everybody
9:41 am
just step back and take a big, deep breath. a lot of our best legislation that has ever happened comes presidentrepublican with a democratic house. same thing we saw with bill clinton. democrat president and republican house and senate. there could be some really, really great things that come out of this. , presidentesident obama is going to want to protect his legacy. middleing to work to the of bit more and try to find compromise and common ground. host: that will come up tomorrow as the president sits down with congressional leaders. that will take place tomorrow at the white house. a rather robust conversation is going on on our facebook page. --luding this from lori
9:42 am
don vogus disagrees --chuck from raleigh, north carolina. democrats line. people i listen to the comment about the election. what i remember from the time i've been following politics -- i'm a 50-year-old man. time theres, every is crisis in america is because of republicans causing wars and certain things. democrats ton the fix it. unless things and getting better, they turned back to republicans. that's what i noticed with the selection. the cannot was not as big as it
9:43 am
was for some groups of people. for the people, it was. expect too much to happen. hasel president obama compromised enough with republicans. host: thank you. on her twitter page -- on our twitter page -- mike of the hill newspaper posing this question. is it time for dems to elect new leadership? vowing to return to washington with a renewed focus after tuesday's dredging at the polls. the likely tenure of the top democrats are sure to raise questions about how long the current team should stay around.
9:44 am
jack is joining us from pennsylvania. public line. -- republican line. caller: good morning. sometimes i think in action speaks as loud as action. everyone knows when election day is. everybody sees it on tv. they don't want to vote for someone else. you don't want to vote for republicans but you don't support the president's ideas. people do want the borders closed. they don't want illegals taking over the jobs. during these terrorist things, we have to close our borders a bit. voting in oft the a younger congress, the main thing government has to realize is we are not going to vote at
9:45 am
all if we don't support your policies. host: we appreciate the call. grand rapids, michigan. dave is on the phone. democrat line. caller: good morning, everybody. watching the news last night, they were showing some numbers about, especially here in grand rapids, 43% of people voted here into a 14. 47% voted in 2012. they were showing young women, 22%.e women 3% down from hispanic numbers were down. that has to count for something. that's not to say that republicans did not work hard. to say they have a resounding voice of america now is not that notn the sense
9:46 am
everybody voted that was eligible. that is not to say that they did not work hard. there. to get out we have to get hillary in office. host: two different views from the opinion page of usa today. after another shellacking at the polls, the democrats are facing a crisis of competence and for republicans, big gains in 2014 does not change the map in 2016. debbie is on the phone from maryland. democrats line. caller: i hope you can hear me ok. i just wanted to say that i have about a two hour commute for a .ales call an i'm a registered democrat.
9:47 am
i voted republican. i live in the state of maryland. as far as myself and most of the associates and colleagues and friends and family i have here, it did not matter whether they spent $100 or $1 million or the campaign, we are tired of the taxes. a rain tax? it got crazy. it seems to me like it's an easy fix to put a band-aid on something, let's raise the taxes to cover the costs. we need somebody who will work hard and understands business that will drive the economy and the jobs and create that revenue we need. not from the taxpayers. everybody has been analyzing how much was spent on campaigns and what they should have done or could have done. marylanders voted on performance. it was the best to get the job done.
9:48 am
one thing that comes up a lot is race. people i know, we don't care if you are white, black, green with purple spots. just get the job done. let the middle class, which i am a part of, work and make a decent salary and not have to worry about what the next taxes going to be. we were wondering if we were going to get taxed on the air we breathe. host: explain what the rain taxes. o'malleyovernor decided we needed additional funds, so they made a tax based on the rain. the amount of rain that falls in your area and what the runoff would be into the tributaries, you were based on a percentage of that. you could help cover your
9:49 am
portion of bad things that go into the bank. host: thank you for the call. thank you for listening on c-span radio. a lot of you listening to the conversation that way. we want to bring your attention to another headline this morning. related to a nuclear meeting being hosted by the president. says russia plans to boycott the international nuclear security meeting to be hosted by the president.
9:50 am
next is andrew from philadelphia. the morning. -- good morning. independent line. what this election has really showed more than anything is that we can see there is a clear and present affect of gerrymandering. especially when you look at the number of young people who are voting less, the number of women voting less, these are people whose votes have been corralled into districts where their votes don't count as much and they see there is no point in voting. like to say that there is a reason that race pops up over and over again. that reason is that it really does have an effect. --t: from our twitter page
9:51 am
a lot of speculation on what will change in the u.s. senate under the new leadership led by mitch mcconnell. he addressed that yesterday. [video clip] >> the senate was the problem. not the house. the house passed over 300 pieces of legislation, many of them on a bipartisan basis. the american people have changed the senate. we have an obligation to change the behavior of the senate and begin to function again. that does not guarantee the president is going to agree with everything we do. we're going to go back to work and actually passed legislation. i have been called by three prominent democrats since last night. prominent democrats. they are anxious to be relevant again. they are anxious for committee work to be respected. there are anxious to be able to offer amendments on the floor of
9:52 am
the senate and be able to get votes. that is the way you get rid of gridlock. it does not guarantee you get a presidential signature on everything. the president has a right to be veto. he is only vetoed two things in the last six years. that is how you cure gridlock. host: the comments of mitch mcconnell. leaders congressional in a meeting with the president. the first postelection gathering with congressional leaders with an assessment not only for the next congress but the agenda for the lame-duck session. inside the new york times, congress and the states. in the dark areas, these are republican congressional seats. lighter, yout are
9:53 am
can see those seats are held by democrats. mark from north carolina. good morning. caller: i would like to comment on the fact that we need campaign finance reform. they need to have public airspace. it does not matter which party gets in. they contribute to both sides of the spectrum. the trade agreements, the democrats costly get blamed for them. this constantly get blamed for them. nixon opened up china. promotedd bush free-trade. -- the democrats costly get
9:54 am
blamed for them. every other word out of reagan's math was global economy. the damage he done to the economy was a repairable. host: chris in alabama has this tweet. and of the washington post has a look at 2016. if a graph of hillary clinton with jeanne shaheen -- a photograph of hillary clinton with jeanne shaheen. a republican that congress might give hillary clinton a convenient target. glenda is joining us next from cleveland, georgia. republican line. people i think a lot of came out and voted. when i was voting, their problem is they are afraid of obama.
9:55 am
he does not stand up for america. he does not call a terrorist a terrorist. they need more republicans and tin there. he does a lot of executive orders. hopefully the republican congress will do something about it. host: let me go back to this editorial. obama faces a serious test of his own relevancy. history provides little comfort. bill clinton faced a similar moment after republicans gained control of the house.
9:56 am
let's go next to cindy in texas. independent line. -- backa lot of the when clinton was in office, clinton and the republicans want to take credit for what went on back then. all the preapproved credit cards got sent out in the mail. everyone was getting preapproved credit. got a-year-old grandson preapproved credit card for $5,000. it created jobs. yes.
9:57 am
made a killing off all that the interest they charge people. back before they did that, they had to write down everything payments were for. host: front page of the washington post. obama to voters: i hear you. a look at the new members of the u.s. senate. only one democrat. the rest all republicans. indiana. welcome to the conversation. caller: i will try to read between the lines as far as obamacare goes. everyone wants to repeal it and get rid of it. what nobody understands is the
9:58 am
new nanotechnology and new spectrum technology, you can access to it. there is new medical technology coming out that has to do with nanotechnology. it is going to be phenomenal. unbelievable. obama is time to make sure everybody is going to have access to this medical treatment. host: thank you for the call. donna has this point -- line.ican john in georgia. caller: i thank you for taking my call. i have watched c-span quite a bit. i hear harry reid bashing the ko ch brothers at every turn.
9:59 am
my question to mr. reid, what about the campaign contributions from the gentleman that lives in that donates $5 billion to the university's here in the united states? you have to use his professors. from what i've seen in the educational system today, when you have kids at harvard and yale who do not know what the vice president is, it's a sad state. host: final headline from the washington times. obama and mcconnell said to clash. more analysis later today as we hear from the speaker of the house, john boehner. live coverage here on c-span and c-span radio at 1:15 eastern time. he talks about the lame-duck session and the agenda ahead for the next congress.
10:00 am
that will concluded for this thursday edition. thank you for being with us. hope you enjoy the rest of your day. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014] ♪ >> the white house today, president obama is going to award the pedal of honor to civil war shoulder first lieutenant alonzo curbing for his actions as a commanding officer at the battle of gettysburg. we'll have live coverage here on c-span when the ceremony starts at 11:45 eastern. house speaker john boehner and the incoming likely majority leader of the senate mitch mccome have an op-ed in the "wall street journal" today. now we can get congress going. refo


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